Fernanda Soosay — Cvm Dumpster

Fernanda Soosay Cvm Dumpster.This woman.” If you can call it that” has 4 kids with three guys and dont know who the third father is. She was with the same guy for 11 years and he went to jail and while he was in jail she told him there some was his when it’s not. She let her ex boyfriend who she has been fuking behind his back for there whole relationship. She dont know who her youngest daughters father is because while her boyfriend was in jail she was sleeping with more then 10 other guys. She has taken off from her home and left her children there with someone els for 3 to 5 days without calling or answering the person’s phone that she left to watch the kids for a night. She will take off to go do pepsi and in return to pay for the drugs she would fuk the person who has it. She will fuk anyone without protection and let them cum inside her. She has talked sh1t about everyone she knows behind there backs and acts like a friend to there faces. She is two faced a lier a slut and lives to get fisted because that’s how broken in she is. She went and had a sea section and got an IUD as well just so she can let anyone cum in her. She is fat ugly and stinks when her pu55y gets wet… it smells like wet dog. If anyone sees this thing do yourself a favor and stay away because almost 100% guarantee to catch something un treatable.

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