Paul Anthony Sperandeo — Habitual Cheater, Narcissist

Women this is just a warning, he may seem like a charmer but that’s just how NARCS act to reel us in. He is legally married and stays that way so he can get more of a pension from being a Veteran. He married his wife right out of a rebound where the other woman he was with was married. For 28 years this delusional man has been looking for the love of his life on Facebook hoping to reconnect with her. Well his wish came true and he can’t contain himself. Narcs wishes don’t come true, narcs aren’t happy people. He owns up to nothing, he puts all the blame on everyone else but himself. All he ever did was disrecspect me too all his “HAREM” of women, his flying monkeys we call them, people he has brainwashed into thinking he is so cool, witty, charming. It’s all a facade, and I know as I was a victim for years.

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