Marcel Shihadeh The Sex Addict Comedian

Marcel Shihadeh The Sex Addict Comedian. Marcel Shihadeh is a sex addict who loves blondes. Whenever he gets bored with the blondes he will sleep with black and Hispanic women. He only date blondes. He will used black and Hispanic women as a sexual fetish once he has befriended you. He will be friend you just to fuk you once he is bored with his blondes. He has slept with all the blondes in Baton Rouge and New Orleans who worked at [REDACTED], and other strip clubs. He has slept with pornstars who have onlyfans as well as contracted to big porn labels. He has slept with floozys, models and Instagram baddies. There are sex tapes of him and all of the women that he has slept with on his finsta, phone and laptop. Marcel Shihadeh has stalk women that he likes. While he is stalking women there are other women who are stalking him. He has set up people to be arrested by his daddy. His daddy and momma have a trust fund set up for him at $250,000. Marcel Shihadeh doesn’t really work a real job. All he does is failed film projects. Whenever he does work, he is working either being someone’s valet b1tch a [REDACTED], or is chef in a cooking kitchen. Marcel Shihadeh have multiple girlfriends who will fight over him and you too. He can’t go a day without sex. You can find Marcel Shihadeh on the [REDACTED], fuking a different blonde or his rare fetishes of the black and Hispanic women. He have sex on the [REDACTED]. He doesn’t used condoms. He has four kids that he doesn’t know about and don’t care about even if his friends and family told him that he has kids he will deny getting anyone pregnant due his weed smoking, pepsi snorting, molly popping, and booze drinking daily. He will ejaculate his sperm into a black and Hispanic woman as his sexual fetish to torture them if they get pregnant for them. He will celebrate the death of your child by throwing a party for himself to celebrate the death of not being a father. He is a very heartless [email protected]. He has slept with witches to pissed them off to go after the other b1tches who has slept with. He has slept with his best friends girlfriends and wives. He is known to fuk all his friends girlfriends and his coworkers. He has slept with a few of his bosses and he was fuking his last boss at his last real job. He will used his friends money for clout on his film projects. He only cares about money, his cat, being famous as an actor, his car, having sex everyday and all day long with random b1tches. He has slept with all the blondes and the random women whom he fetishized whenever he is bored with the blondes at [REDACTED],. He has used his girlfriends for money to get his film projects, booze, food and his drugs. He will pull the I forgot my wallet whenever he wants you to pay for the date if he thinks your ugly in person or if you’re a black and Hispanic woman. Only pay for blondes on dates. If you’re a black and Hispanic woman he will not pick you up from your house or give you roses and cupcakes like the way he does for the blondes. He treats fat women even worse, he will sleep with them impregnate they then ghost them to tell everyone that they are horrible and make jokes about them to tell all their business to the streets. Marcel Shihadeh has made two women attempt suicide. One woman he put in the psych ward for a year. The other woman is dead who is the black and Hispanic woman. Marcel Shihadeh is only friends with Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and the LGBTQ+ after his misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and transphobic remarks as well as comedy shows towards these people. He is truly obsessed with his cat and will tell you that his cat is a lot smarter and prettier than you. He will talk about his cat like a person when you’re having sex. I’m convinced that he fuks his cat. Marcel Shihadeh will fuk any blonde or sexual fetishes when he is bored with the blondes that moves around him and I’m quite sure he is into beastiality. Marcel Shihadeh has made fake social media profiles to stalk the women that he likes. He will posed as a woman to be friend you. If he is trying to see if you have move on from him he will posed as a man to be all creepy to harassed you. He will turn on you like his childhood friends over fame, money, sex for their blondes or the black and Hispanic woman who are his fetish. Marcel Shihadeh is an extremely cold hearted and ruthless man. He doesn’t believe in giving people closure or saying he is sorry for his actions. He will play victim then used that narcissism to wheel you into thinking you’re worthy his friendship and/or to be his girlfriend. He has triggered my friend to the point that she wants to go rah rah on him. She is on ten 24/7 looking for Marcel Shihadeh. He doesn’t care who he hurts because his daddy and momma raise him to be that way. His parents are too much into their businesses and their part time teaching jobs at [REDACTED], and his daddy criminal/FBI law business. He didn’t get beaten when he grows up and that is the reason why he doesn’t have any manners or know how to treat women. His Facebook/LinkedIN is Marcel Shihadeh, His TikTok is [REDACTED],, His Snapchat is [REDACTED],, and His Instagram is [REDACTED], on if y’all want to go report all his stuff. Shihadeh will start drama with his h0es and friends to back out then play victim. That’s ok for him. It’s cool that will be the reason Marcel Shihadeh will have his karma serve to him all the way to his grave and the after life.

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