Marc Maurette Psychopath

Marc does nothing but lie to anyone for no reason. He will tell a lie so many times until he totally believes it. He will try his hardest to talk his way out of anything and he is good at it. Marc will steal from every place he can, even his own jobs. He got fired from IKEA for stealing. He will come into your life with no fucks given, he will invest his time and then suddenly never talk to you again. He brags about his parents having money and then tell you he uses them. He beat up my friend twice because she didn’t have enough money for him. He also finger fucked his sister in 6th grade and then she sucked his dick, he said she tricked him. Lol like that is true. He’s just as twisted as it gets with his generation. He now has clap and is sleeping with as many people as possible before getting checked. He really is a psychopath in the making. He’s only 20. Good luck ladies

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