Jason DiGiacomo — Clearwater, Florida

Jason DiGiacomo — Clearwater Florida. Be safe with Jason DiGiacomo. You will likely see him crusing on Tinder, Hily, Bumble, POF, Hinge or any various local dating sites.
He cheated on me during the course of 2017 to 2020 with multiple women. To add, as I went through his phone, I learned that he shared personal, private nude photos of myself and of these women to his guy friend. He would explicitly describe the sexual/bedroom experiences with him in detail and what he would do to me. The women affirmed the cheating and still do this day, he has tried to manipulate to make me feel like it was deserved.
He will act like a shy, witty gamer who had a tough life and looking for true, honest love. All he wants is to find a possession, gaslight her and have his run with multiple women so he feels better about himself.
Ladies, use caution.

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