Jose Miguel Sanchez (Chamo) Husband Looking For Serial Homewrecker With Multiple DRDS!

Jose Miguel Sanchez (Chamo) Husband Looking For Serial Homewrecker With Multiple DRDS!. If you can up the price tag and give blow jobs to the laziest d1ck in town – go for it. He gains 50 to 75 pounds with each relationship – I just happen to be the stupid one that married him! He has the most used up and nasty habitual homewrecker as his girlfriend on the side and asked me to share him 50/50 with this whore! ha! He’s not man enough for 1 woman let alone 2! Unmotivated; spends $3 for every $1 he (or you) can earn! Treats people and dogs (his job) equally badly. Rageaholic; porn addict; and will stick you with the bill – whether you can afford it or not! Not exactly a prince among men! A total laughing stock in his line of work in the USA – and he’s not even legal to be here any more! What a prize! And, to think I loved the POS. Hey, in the words of the immortal Tina Turner – What’s Love Got to Do With it!? Venezuela’s waiting! Head on home! And take your multiple miscarrying HO with you! So many people would be so grateful! Narcissistic without reason; arrogant as well; fat, lazy and a total deadbeat – ask his 2 baby mamas in different countries! His poor kids had my support while I was stupid enough to be unconditional with him. I hope they are well now – as he’s turned his entire family against me – while my mom and dad, best friend, and heart dog all passed away. Could not be prouder of the POS I married… ugh. I do blame the HH (habitual homewrecker) as well – but hey – like she’s said – she didn’t break any vows. He did. She DID become completely available; follow him all over the country and pay for way too many things for him. But, hey, who am I to judge!? They both destroyed my business and I’m left without any support. Oh yea – that’s who I am to judge! By the way – my husband is on publicly known list at #8 in 2 years. (married male handlers) … he’s not even the most well-known of them all! But, I dare to wager, he was the most unconditionally loved and trusted. WAS. No man is hung enough; rich enough or handsome enough to behave the way he has with his loving and supportive wife and her family. And he is none of the above! ps – Add 50 pounds to the photo below since he’s left home!

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