EXPOSED!!! Prostitute DJ Kristen Knight is the one who killed Erick Morillo in Miami Florida FL

This convicted criminal Kristen Knight (real name: Christine Mendoza aka. Kristen J, Knight of 720 Lenox Ave. Apt 11 Miami Beach, FL 33139-5981 Miami-Date County Broward Country) is a wannabe DJ and talentless hack of a musical artist who has wrongfully accused the late Erick Morillo of sexual battery and sexual assault, which drove him to suicide / drug overdose. While Erick Morillo has had a troubled past with his struggles with drugs and alcohol, Kristen Knight is a big-time crook who has as a long history of accusing older rich married men of sexual assault and then demanding a hefty payment to “make the case go away”. After the fully consensual sexual encounter between Morillo, her slutty friend and herself in December 2019, Kristen Knight approached Erick Morillo to “pay up” so that she would not press charges or “she would make the case go to court”. Kristen Knight is a fat unattractive out of shape overweight freak who routinely uses photoshop to enhance her pictures and not to mention the pounds of makeup on her, fake eye lashes, hideous tattoos, etc. hahahaha. Kristen Knight has always been a fraudster. Kristen Knight was a prostitute in the South Beach Miami area until she was arrested and convicted of several serious criminal offences including threatening clients with a loaded gun. Kristen Knight left the sex trade business after she tested positive for several STDs including HIV. Kristen Knight was also convicted for forgery, credit card fraud and she served jail time for those offences, including many offences for DUI, drug possession and even her custody and paternity battles with the baby daddy of her kid (Chris Carsallo) are all on the court dockets! Kristen Knight then moved on to being an escort who continued selling sex for money… that was until she got older and found a way to scam clubs and party goers with DJing given that she had no such skill. Kristen Knight is 47 years old but she tells people that she is only 30 years old, LOOOOL. Kristen Knight has a 13 year old daughter (father unknown much like her own broken family). Kristen Knight’s mother married a Cuban immigrant who left her and her mom when she was young; her mother was also a sex-trade worker in Miami. Kristen Knight has a 1,000+ dude body count yet she suckered many DJs, club promoters, owners to smash her in order to get her into the scene. She finally found this pompous fool Roger Sanchez (aka Roger S, S-Man, etc) who is a complete has-been no name fat balding clown to take her on tours. This idiot Roger Sanchez has never had a hit in over 40 years (and he is the laughing stock amongst other accomplished DJs), was divorced by his ex-wife Cleo who has custody of his teenage kids because he paid for sex with Kristen Knight. Kristen Knight is still actively listed on Seeking Arrangements looking for a sugar daddy to pay her bills (while still “dating” this bozo Roger Sanchez) and she still brandishes having played with Erick Morillo in her website, on her bios, promos, etc. What a despieciable person this Kristen Knight is!!! After this Morillo incident, surely no respectable club, promotion agency or any other entity will book these criminals Kristen Knight and her simp of a boyfriend Roger Sanchez. Stay away from these trashy AF crooks!!!

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