Matt Spadotto — Deadbeat Loser

This mother fuker is a walking DRD. He eats on his wife while she takes care of their autusic son. He has cheated on every girl he’s been with to the point where he out the last ones health at risk. Was told she can’t have kids because of him covering up mths n mths of cheating she had no idea just like the wife. Now maybe # 7or 8 Iive bin used n abused n thrown to the curb without my goodbye present. . Guess what yup my DRD. 8of us share because of this crack head ,now graduated fentyal junkie methhead. Good job buddy! Try as much effort to your son and work as u do sticking your dirty d1ck in multiple chick’s a day eh your dirt. Ultimately he seems sweet but is a predator abusive emotionally and physically he also is ultimate narassissist. He is scvm ans at this point a waste. Needs to learn to respect woman and be a dad loser . Clear up DRDS you keep spreading dirt bag. I’ve personally talked to 5 of woman so beware of him he will seduce you make you smoke crack while he fuks you n throw you to curb soon enough.

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