Tyra Fortier Edmontons Most Classy Tweaker

Hey edmonton meet the nastiest pig around heres the story she was with someone for 6 years and they broke up and she started dating his sisters baby daddy months later they been together for 4 months talking about getting married and having children.The baby daddy is a meth head deadbeat and they both do drugs together and think its cute to try and play house. The baby daddy is involved in gangs and gets attacked. He’s also a drug dealer and trys to play the poor him card all over fb that he cant see his kids when he has visits at his moms because who in their right head would allow him unsupervised. Darcy Bilodeau and tyra fortier have fights every other day fist fighting and darcy runs back to his moms when he’s over 30 and she’s in her 20s someone please tell them this ain’t cute ? funny how she wants kids but yet has had how many abortions maybe you should.keep them legs closed ? Oh and this ain’t some made up sh1t like most dirty post I got the receipts

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