Andrew McArthur — Manipulating Lying Scvm

This manipulating lying piece of sh1t will lie his way in and out of any situation, make any girl feel like he’s the most perfect and honest, trustworthy man out there but ladies I promise you he isn’t. He has slept with other women behind my back, hid women he was talking to on his Snapchat from me, turned off all his notifications on his phone while he was with me telling me he loved me while going home and snapping a whole bunch of other women, lying to me telling me he wanted a baby with me but telling everybody else I forced him to. This man is scum. Be carful of this man child who lives In his grandmas basement with his mommy doing everything for him, he claims he’s a man, loyal, and trustworthy but I found out the hard, brutal, and heartbreaking way he isn’t.

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