Shania Decoine — Long Bac Big Chin Shania

Shania Decoine — Long Bac Big Chin Shania. So this long back no a55 black b1tch likes to put girls on blast and act like her sh1t don’t stink LOL let’s talk about this h0e publicly. She’s literally the definition of FLOOZY pu55y be loose and smelly probably because she fuks multiple niggas in a matter of a few days let your c00chie rest lmfao thinks she’s a trophy but she really isn’t, how can you sit there with not one but 4 different DRDS and still call other girls h0es LMAO I swear I’ve seen this loose goose in so many different guys inboxes it’s disgusting, she will talk to anyone lol not to mention she’s literally dating a ugly little a55 boy outta jealousy. Idk how she goes from being trained by black guys to a young native boy lol, Weird stalker a55 h0e get a life, the life you front about on social media

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Eileen Guggenheim must be removed for harm she caused to Maria Farmer by Jeffrey Epstein!