Nikosis Stevenson

Nikosis Stevenson. This wannabe gangster is the bummiest goof ever to be known in Edmonton. He has no home or life constantly in and out of jail he stinks all the time cause he never takes a shower or bathed himself properly all his friends even said so they have to remind him to clean hisself clearly he doesn’t have any parents or they are probably all headly goofs like him no wonder where he gets it from he wears fake jewellery and clothes lol no surprise there. I heard he also gave a few girls multiple DRDs. He’s a deadbeat father to his son. All he does is party is life away shooting up h and smoking pint with his “ king crip “ gang nothing but a brunch of paper writing rats. This goofy squid needs to be put on blast Nik. LADIES stay away from him he’s not good gives natives a bad look.

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