Kayla Lisa — Edmontons Biggest Pass Around Kayla

Meet Kayla Lisa Edmontons biggest whore and deadbeat of a mom, shes the biggest pass around between her baby father aka my ex and her current boyfriend she left her boyfriend to go back to her woman beating baby dad who isnt even a father to his son, and then went back to her boyfriend all she does is get drunk like wheres ur son boo? with ur crackhead parents? ever since she got a new boyfriend her kid hasnt been around and thats sad cause he dont have a dad and now he dont have a mom Kayla quit being a pass around and take care of your kid you used to pretend u were pregnant years ago so many times and now that you have a kid you cant even take care of him. loser of a mom and a cheating skank. get a job stop living off ur boyfriend and the government and pick one out of ur 12 men hunny even though i dont know who would want ur stank a55 gross.

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