Kendra Sauder — The Dutty H0e

Kendra Sauder — The Dutty H0e. If you see this girl watch out. I know she likes to act innocent and say she doesn’t sleep around but she slept with my boyfriend and he now has the drd. She thinks she’s gods gift to earth but she’s the nastiest ugliest thing I’ve seen. She also has slept with multiple girls baby fathers and boyfriends. She’s nasty. She’s a good liar and she’s good at faking anything to your face. She puts up a good front but really she’s a lying manipulative thief. She steals sh1t from everyone, watch your sh1t if you let her into your home. This girl also can’t think for her damn self so she leeches onto people and copies whatever they do. She will be that obsessive friend who doesn’t want you to have other friends. She will bash your children and your entire life behind your back all while playing like she’s a good friend. She treats her kids like absolute sh1t. She has no remorse and doesn’t give a fuk about anyone but herself. She drains her baby father dry and lives off his money and fuks his friends also. She loves attention and can never get enough of it from guys. She’s dramatic as hell and starts so much drama and than plays like she’s the victim. I now understand why her own friends have called fncs on her and cut the friendship off. As soon as you’re not friends with her she will bash your entire life and spread rumours about you and make sh1t up that is untrue. Biggest Snake of Kitchener, she’ll also call you a rat but she calls the cops on her baby father constantly and threatens him to if he doesn’t give her what she wants. Do your best to just steer clear of this girl nothing good comes from her. She’s a home wrecker and a sh1tty a55 friend!

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