Karie Lynn Farrell — Train Wreck

Used to lock her kids in a room and fuk her landlord in Wetaskiwin to get her rent reduced because she couldn’t afford it. She Sells nudes for money. Floozys to people for money, while on work trips in Calgary. She’s a full blown alcoholic and abusive towards her own kids. She lies, hides things and tries to manipulate the people around her to make her look like a victim but she’s actually a real piece of sh1t. While in a relationship she was in dating/hookup groups and saw a few of the people from these groups while in the relationship. She even moved into the one guys house and said he was her cousin. She has alternate Facebook profiles she keeps hidden so she can be an attention whore and go behind people’s back. Then she lies about it. Posts nudes in these hookup groups while in a relationship. She brought over a dozen guys to her house in under a year, lots of the time while her kids were home. The one guy was even a random from a gas station. Do not trust her, do not associate with her because it will all come crashing down. These aren’t one time occurrences, they’re patterns. Patterns that will never be broken. She may be broken but her patterns will not be. She may say sorry a lot but the truth is she doesn’t give a fuck about anyone, including her own kids. She uses them for child support and that’s all she cares about is The money, to support her habits and sh1tty attitude. People deserve to know the truth about this lying, manipulative piece of work.

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