Fay Ramos — The Northside Floozy

Hey waz up Nik- let me present you the Northside floozy She loves finding different d1ck in the hood And on tinder. She has had boyfriends from Facebook and mocospace. Half the northside already slept with her. She lies to guys saying she is pregnant when she is not. so they can pay her the $500.00 and lie just to cash out for money. She wI’ll do this to every guy that don’t want to move in with her or date her. I mean common now. We only sleep with her one time. And then a week later she wants one to move in with her. She is crazy. I slept with her then she was hitting up my homeboy to sleep with her too. Now she is mad cause my homie said he good on that. She also need to go to the doctor cause her kitty smelled bad. I had to hold my breath when hitting it. She thinks she is hot but she more like a wobbly ms piggy so guys be careful with this nasty chick she will chop u then say she is pregnant with yo baby, so y’all can pay up. She only know one thing is make babies from different daddies and lie that she is pregnant when she is not just for MONEY. Careful with this walking DRD.

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