Jonathan Wasiatycz — Nerdy Sweet Guy? CRAZY!!! In Disguise!!!

Jonathan Wasiatycz — Nerdy Sweet Guy? CRAZY!!! In Disguise!!!. This guy is FUKIN B.O.N.K.E.R.S He is not only unstable because of brain damage due to a car accident in his 20’s. He’s also controlling and Extremely good & Eloquent at harassing people, and then laying the blame on them. and did I mention somewhat narcissistic with his hair, and clothes? Judgmental. Elitist, Capitalist, Conservative. Doesn’t-Know-It-All. Clams to be ‘Looking for a lady’ but when you don’t fit his description of ‘The perfect housewife’ or of you don’t become his version of ‘what he needs in his life’. aka. a woman to keep house, cook WELL. clean. “Take Care of him” Then he’ll dump you like a two week old bucket of leftovers, with a kick on the a55 and a, ‘Fuk you’ ma’am. He may not be Dangerous in a physical sense… There is no way he could defend himself in a fight. But he certainly will give you Beyond his two cents and a piece of his mind. And Talks as if he has the physical skills to back up his Fly off the handle mouthy lifestyle. Will tell anyone and everyone Exactly what he thinks of them if he doesn’t like them. and ironically, when need be. He’s Excellent if not Amazing at faking the ‘nice guy’ personality. It is Literally his job. You will constantly worry whether he’s going to get into a fist fight. cus chances are, he won’t even defend himself.. He will trick you. mold you into he wants you to be as a woman, and if you don’t ‘fit’ that mold. kicks you to the curb. keeps track of every penny in every relationship, and even has an app on his phone to know exactly what you owe him for drinks, food, (dining out and groceries) and even sometimes.. Gifts. Acts like “The Perfect Family Man” But oh Dear. Be Fuking Aware. If you say Absolutely Anything that goes against what he thinks or what is ideas or ‘ideals’ are, there WILL Be a Yelling match that you Will not win. Not Because you’re not right. But Because he’s so good at blinding himself to Logic that it… I was going to say Borders on, but is Literal spouting insanity. You either need to knuckle under, and admit to ‘His All Holiness” that he is commander and chief. Or he can/Will. and is willing to drag it on and out for days. or sometimes even weeks. And then next time you have a fight, he will bring up said unresolved issue. Even if you think all is said and done… it is Not over with, and he will let you know. He will pull out your biggest flaws, and use your deepest secrets and Fears against you in any argument. And claim that You are the one in the wrong…if you try to fight back, and say your opinions. or how you feel, He will claim you are ‘Attacking’ him. and use it against you in any future arguments. Even if you show him messages where he is Clearly being Mentally and Emotionally abusive and/or Unstable, he will look and say he finds No Fault in Anything he had said. He will fight with your friends. Roommates. Tell you what you need to change in your life. and if you don’t. He’ll probably ditch you… after awhile.. oh and did i mention Neat Freak? he Definitely Needs routines. Ironically. Looking for the cat stevens song “Hard Headed Woman” someone to ‘kick him in the a55’ and he’s really looking for a sparring partner, but can’t stand for or handle being wrong even if you lay a trail of bread crumbs and evidence clearly stating you are Right. He will Blindly ignore All logic and still somehow you come out defeated and bent, broken, and down and out. He’s looking for the impossible. The perfect housekeeping Conservative housewife. Who will argue with him when need be. But in the end, him coming out right, and Winner winner chicken dinner. Every time. Although he may not harm anyone Physically, as of yet. He is way too scrawny to ever win in a fight anyway. he Will break you. he Will change you. and when your spirit is broken, he will blame you for it being ‘your own fault’. I wouldn’t go beyond a pleasant facade of the ‘nice guy’ tinder date that does Not end in sex… if at all. Trump supporter Allllllll the way. This guy is not only Arrogant Beyond seeing Any reason. but he is also ignorant, a tyrant and will let you know if you date him for more than a couple of weeks. Just stay clear of this guy, unless you’re a girl looking to put up a fight, and put him in his place, Because honestly. That’s what he wants. A Controlling woman to rule his world, and rule over the household. So if your a conservist Capitalist, hard headed, heat seeking missile, of No Fuking bullshit. you can Try. But honestly.. if you don’t agree with his ideals. He Will break you. or he’ll Snap and go fuking Nuts Spouting insanity and bullshit and, like I said. Pinning down your deepest flaws, most hurt and heartfelt secrets. and snap you like yesterdays tinder bundle, and leave you in shame, and ashes… He’s the classic example of Nice guy meets b1tch B1tch then turns nice guy into a55hole A55hole then meets nice girl Turns Nice Girl into B1tch… And so on.. and so forth… and remember, he does have brain damage… so it’s not Really his fault.. Right?? Wrong… Oh and the epitome of Mommy & Daddy issues. Left home at 16 and recently came into contact with his parents again, Calls them 3-5 times a day, sometimes talking for 5-8 hours total. Maybe more, talking to them about advice with Every Single decision he makes. Even if its a night when he’s meant too spend time, with You. But chances are. He won’t have time for you anyway, Because he has his job, his side business (No not drug dealing, a Legitimate side business) and his daily routines to keep up with. and if you take up too much of his time. He’ll blame you. and he Needs his routine, otherwise. he goes nuts, falls apart. and will start a fight… And did I mention his Hangry Spells? you Best know how to cook and WELL If you even want to challenge this anxiety ridden anxiety giving mess. because if he doesn’t eat, he’s Psychotic, And did I Mention Psychotic? ..DO NOT LET HIM SMOKE POT!!! He Goes Fuking Psycho if he smokes any pot and He Will Tell You This at some point. and chances are, He’s still a smoker too so… You’d have to deal with that. and if his his mother doesn’t like you. You Can Completely Forget about dating him Altogether… Do yourself a favour, bash your head into a Hard wall several times while listening to electroswing in your earbuds till you passout from the pain. You’d get just about as far, and It’s nearly the same experience. Just saves a bit of time. and mental Trauma.. and you learn the same thing. You can’t change or improve on something that isn’t willing to Budge or move. and in the end. you just end up getting hurt..

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