The Hood Rat Cheryl Wallies – Morant

This is Cheryl Wallies – Morant. She was in the Army and hurt her leg and was discharged from the army. She was in the police academy in Georgia. Not sure if she completed it, she never completes any thing. Her longest career skills involve chasing my husband. She has been chasing my husband for the last decade. I caught her messaging picture of her fabulous back and a*s tattoos. She is engaged and her fiance has not clue who she really is. Her cousin mike, ya bro they been doing it since the skating rink days. Like in the closet fooling around every weekend. She is a liar and as manipulative as can be… She is nothing but a little hood rat living in a fantasy world. She will threaten you and say she is so tough. Honey I’m not in high school anymore, I can mess your world up with out laying a finger on you!

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