Joe Chittick — Abusive Cop Calling Baby D1ck Pepsi Schnooooter.

Joe Chittick — Abusive Cop Calling Baby D1ck Pepsi Schnooooter.This little itty bitty excuse for a chicken wing spends all his time running around saying he’s a big scary biker while calling the cops on every single person who helps his ex gf get away from his slimy a55. this lil wanker spends more time on the phone with 911 telling them that people “made threats” towards him then he does spending time with his kids. Not to mention hes loading his face with Pepsi while “taking care of his kids”. might want to stay away from this one chickys, he will provide nothing but bad d1ck and spend more time threatening you with the “clubhouse” because hes nothing but a big ole dirty fuk boy who shoves a dildo up his a55 while dialing 911. on top of sexual assault charges, hes got a nice list of assault and fraud to add to his so called good parenting.

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