Steven Badder/Steven Lambert Old Methhead Lost His Bat

Steven Badder/Steven Lambert Old Methhead Lost His Bat. Steven Badder/Steven Lambert is a nut job that been using meth for 20 years ! He is a narcissist! He only has women going over to his place to hang out & smoke meth,he does this because he can’t hold a conversation with a real man ,cus hes too cooked ,talk about his ex & friends behind their backs ,says the chicks that go there are just for company cus hes so paranoid ! He creeps around his building,thinking hes a janitor,n is getting paid for it when really the landlady deducted of his rent that welfare pays for,gets these poor addicted ladies to stay until they have no money & kicks them out. He very insecure that he talks all about himself & when other individuals talk about what they have or have done .He rudely interrupt their story.brags about how much drugs he can inject,snort,swallow.But in real life he scared to be alone & crys to himself , WARNING,this guy will invite you into your home & when is all meth – up he will accuse you of stealing his drugs,money,cell.if you give himbur number he will be nice ,than if you don’t answer ,he’ll call you down to nothing.cus ur time is his! Blames everyone that his problems,threatens innocent people that were his friends,says hes quit pint when indeed he does it all night & day long ,poor guy has 4 teeth left n bony body cooked p3nise,and bugged out eyes! Thinks cause he has blue eyes & long hair, and dresses like a old man trying to hard to stay young. With his bunions,arthritis,Erectal Disfunction,deafness,he still thinks he can score ,when hes a mark ! Steven Lambert/Steven Badder is just another example of why you don’t do drugs ,this guy thought this one girl was his ,she was the only Attractive Woman ,that was a booty call ,he was in love with her in 2 weeks! Hes like crazy as fuk! Very delusional suck person ! Yeah he has a DRD!!!

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