Jenna Huppie

Jenna Huppie. Ok so this mental case right here spends all day on here posting paragraph after paragraph about girls she doesn’t even know, makes up sh1t in her head to make herself feel better because she’s so sad with her own life, her babydad is a broke retired “pimp” who runs off on her all the time, gets her to buy him whatever he wants with her AISH&child tax,tells all these girls he’s only with her bc she won’t allow him to see his son unless they’re together,they even have a no contact order,her poor son has to be around domestic violence I’m surprised social services didn’t take him away the time she stabbed him in the head INFRONT of her child. Her bbdad didn’t even want a baby with her bc he was getting her to sell herself BAREBACK to old&desperate men sadly catching something that isn’t curable but that’s how she fed her meth addiction.and then She had to suck&fuk while pregnant just to eat,she lives in a ratchet apartment on 118thAve that’s only $700 a month,looks like she got all her furniture second hand but has the audacity to talk like she’s top sh1t. My bro fuked her&he said her pu55y smells like a infected piercing& that she’s so fked out from being an floozy she’s got meat curtains LOL Sad meth head she really needs some mental help especially with raising her kid,she lets him sit in dirty diapers all day, her little apartment smells like piss&sh1t with dirty diapers laying around, b1tch needs to humble herself getting pregnant by a pimp&then naming the kid after him ain’t gunna make him stay. & also a guy that made you do the lowest thing you can possibly ever do (floozy) doesn’t love you. AND messaging girls about how broke, gross and useless he is but still stalking& trying to fight them makes you look bothered&insecure as fuk. Get a life you’re by far the biggest embarrassment of a mother but growing up with no structure& no mother makes sense for ur actions . Reality check b1tch!

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