Luke Ellis And Bailey Ellis — The Thieving Liar Bro’s

Luke Ellis And Bailey Ellis — The Thieving Liar Bro’s. Hi nik, meet meat head bailey the trash talking thieve like Luke Ellis who likes to start sh1t steal your chain and one time when I got into a fight with this thief for trying to steal my chain I picked him up and threw him right to ground and he was on the ground and he ran home crying to his brother Luke Ellis And he also likes to steal sh1t and talks pure trash about you and these guys are friends of Troy Sugg the unwanted dick pic sender and tryna jaggard the 2 faced trash talker of Cayuga Ontario/lying 2 faced Pepsi head and sh1t disturbing manipulator son Brodie jaggard the pos friend and he’s has been friends since 2000s and They like to do drugs and rip people off.

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