Emily Yussuff — Emily, The Walking Yussuff Drd

Hello Edmonton, meet Emily. She lives on the north side of Edmonton and she really thinks that she is all that when in reality nobody actually likes her. She has one friend Hailey Osman (who is honestly just as bad), that actually can tolerate her. The only reason why people actually know Emily is because of Hailey! Emily is one of the most backstabbing, annoying, conniving & loud moth people I have ever met. Not only that she is dirty. When she was 15 she met a guy at K days and she lost her virginity the same night that she met him!… yikes! Thats not the surprising part; what is really bad is she does it still to this day. She meets people through her friend Hailey and she sleeps around with whoever she can meet at parties. Everyone knows how much of a pass around she is. She preaches about mental health and bullying but in reality what she does to everybody else is bully And put people down… She’s really not a good person at all she puts up a good front about how empathetic and caring she is but once she knows who you are and know things about you she will hold them above your head like nobody’s business. Not only that she likes to use people for their clothing for alcohol you name it it’s just the kind of person that she is and it’s really sad… Emily needs to be knocked off her high horse for once and for all.. Emily you are better than nobody, so stop acting as such, and before you go around dissing everyone else get your snaggle tooth fixed, and wash your vag… you smell funny. Edmonton, here you have it Emily Yussuff… you’ve been warned, xo.

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