Kallan Reece Rodebaugh — Took Us Too The Cleaners

This man was banging my married sister for over 2 years. My sister traveled for work and he was meeting her at all her stops. In just over a year he managed to manipulate my sister into taking money from two retirement accounts. He got my sister hooked on pain pills requiring her to go to treatment. The worst part is she was not the only one. In the process of trying to figure out what was going on we found out he had at least two more women he was taking advantage of. This man is totally toxic, all ladies should be aware of him. His MO is pretty basic, he works as a host and comedian at a local club in Colorado Springs. He befirends women by buying them drinks and then getting to know them on social media. The rest is history he earns their trust and then robs them blind while supplying them with prescription drugs illegally.

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