Branley Rivera — Deadbeat Serial Cheater

This 24 year old “man” right here abandoned his daughter at 3 months old for some pepsi head who was barely above legal age. He refuses to support her or get a job to provide for her. The entire time he was with her mother he was sneaking around and cheating on her with at least 2 girls. He currently has 3 separate girlfriends and spends more money each month on his online porn addiction than he does supporting his kid. He will sleep with anything that gives him any attention and will use what little money he has left after paying for his porn subscriptions to travel out of town to meet up with girls he meets online that he barely knows. He refuses to use any sort of protection when engaging in his little escapades and won’t get tested for any DRDs or DRDs. He would willingly have his kid around druggies and alcoholics and physically violent people thinking she’s safe while he sits around getting high and drink with his friends and plays video games. He is the very definition of a deadbeat dad and a worthless lying piece of sh1t cheater.

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