Katarina Llamas And Daniel “D-Note” Cortez Pepsiheads Who Lie To Get What They Want Till You’re Of No Use To Them

These two hooked up a while back, Katarina had just moved to Colorado and was clean until she met “D-Note”, a wannabe rapper in the Colorado music scene well known for robbing the artists he books for his shows. Once they hooked up it was all downhill. She faked an injury/illness to have an excuse to quit her job and live rent free, having everyone else take care of her and her kids. They stole from their roommates, destroyed property that wasnt theirs, lied to everyone they know, endanger her kids by having white powdery addictive stuff around, sell puppies way too young, and leech off whoever they can until they ruin that person’s life and they move on to the next. Real parasites.

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