Jessi Christianakis — HOMEWRECKER

Public service Warning!!!! Homewrecking whore with blown out a55hole on loose, almost 40 but targeting young family men in their 20s. RELENTLESS even if these men have children, and NEGLIGENT about telling her victims about her vaginal case of DRD!!!! Which yes, is illegal, but it seems nothing will stop this psychotic, pathetic whore from trying to ruin a family. Stereotypical Parma trash but can be found trying to sniff out taken dudes all over Cleveland. Come on guys, just use your eyes if you accidentally get caught up in her conversation that you were probably originally trying to avoid altogether. She’s so old so she has had plenty of time mastering how to manipulate young minds, so Ladies and gentlemen, BEWARE OF JESSI CHRISTIANAKIS !!!!! No this is not her first home wrecked but hopefully her last!!!!

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