Dana the 45 year old stripper that gives men DRDs

This is Dana Seco she is 45 years old and you can still find her in Cleveland dancing at all the strip clubs trashed and high on cocaine she has two kids that she does not take care of and has neglected her whole life no wonder why they are both always in trouble with the law in both on drugs just like their mommy she loves married man and men that are in a relationship the longer they have been in the relationship the more it turns her on to try to destroy the relationship and do anything with the man to get him to be with her but the real thing is she doesn’t even want to man she just wants to get them to want to be with her to upset the woman and Then she’s onto the next guy she used to be kind of cute when she was younger but now she’s trying to keep up her appearance with a bunch of plastic surgery and Botox and filler’s in her face to wear now she looks like a plastic doll minus her fat ass stomach and body and double chin with all the money she spent on plastic surgery she might as well get some of that fat taken out of her disgusting stomach and that double chin fixed up maybe a face left or something. God no she can afford it she has multiple sugar daddies that she sleeps with for money because she’s too lazy to work a normal job so the strip club and sleeping with a random John’s is how she survives

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