Amber Chudley — Psych0 B1tch, Watch Out

Meet Amber Chudley the psych0 who’s a compulsive lying psych0 literally, she will lie and control you. She says she owns big trucks and works on them but knows nothing about them infact they’re her exes trucks. She will control you and follow you around like a lost puppy but dare to have a break up she will go even more psych0 to the point of making death threats to you, fake pregnancy’s and says she has drds from you. She will get her best friend Ashley Phillip’s to pee on tests for her and post them saying she’s pregnant. Did I mention she has a past of assault charges from her ex from smashing his head? Or making threats to you and your child if you have one? She will stalk and take photos of your place at 3am and text you wanting you back

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