Jessica Osech The Latest Victim Got Out Fast But Not Fast Enough!

So this huge beach whales latest victim was Brandon Davis. And the last 5 didnt get out as clean as this guy sadly did. He got out of the relationship without false charges laid against him but now hes probably broker than a joke or has charges coming to him….. imagine being so fuking psychotic u beat your men for leaving you! THEN you not only blame them for what u did to them but you charge them and add more false charges each time they left u after their dumb a55es kept going back. But wait… for what you might ask? Not because shes psyco but for the $$$$$$$ each charge n each victim this b1tch gets nearly a grand or 10 for false playing the victim n ruining men’s lives!. Seriously be aware and dont chase the crazy b1tches ! Big or small. But normally its the big whales who are crazy .. let alone this b1tch makes her kids believe they are high functioning autistic. Or has other birth defects when they really dont… I feel bad for how this kids will grow up mentally unstable and mentally unfit to handel everyday life tasks. Seriously watch yah sibblings if yah brother or cousin or any family member starts to fuk with this b1tch do everything u can to brake that sh1t up….. get as low as that b1tch n pull a her move. Charge that b1tch for beating your a55 even if she didnt it’s time the tables turned. … so jessica. Beware of the next man u date. We might be the ones making the quap off your grazy a55 ! !!

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