Tilton area cheater!! Bethany Lang

Tilton area cheater!! Bethany Lang.So my wife an me have been togather 3 years her name is Bethany Hollingsworth right now but it was Bethany sue Lang when she was up their living in New Hampshire. Her mom is Kimberly Royea formally Kimberly drake. Anyways I want to out her while we were living in florida we got married an she cheated on me the whole time an I always forgave her until I found out she had contacted herpes an she knew an still didnt care an will not tell her partners she just passes it along so now she has left florida a month ago an is back in
New Hampshire in the tilton area an sleeping with guys an still married but the real reason I want her outed is she is carelessly passing herpes to the guys she is with an will not tell any of them she has is luckly I was tested an dont have it but not everyone she has been with is as lucky one guy from her work did get it from her. I dont know New Hampshire law but in FL it is illegal to have sex with someone with out telling them your status an its just wrong an nasty so if you see this everyone help me out her up their I’ve already got it started down here in Florida the picture is from a couple days ago an it’s the new guy she is with up their

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