Roxanne Lytell: Two-faced, Heartless Homewrecker

She’s the New Hire Trainer, and was a trusted colleague that I knew for years. We were both managers for the same company at different stores less than 5 miles apart. My husband was one of her employees. I knew she liked him because of the things she said about him, but blew it off as a professional appreciation for a good worker. When issues in our relationship became known to her she took advantage of the situation and persued him. He left me and less than 2 months later he realized what he had done and wanted to make things right. When he broke off the relationship with her she began to systematically turn mutual friends and acquaintances against him. She is now going around and playing the victim when she still has her comfy job, and her comfy home, not to mention that none of this affected HER children. I had to move 1600 miles away, get rid of 90% of what I owned, and my children were separated! I never had a choice while she did, and SHE’S the victim?!? Sadly she is already trying to get with another one of her employees who is having marital issues! This woman crossed too many lines because of her own selfish desires and didn’t care about who got hurt, including children!

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