Brianne Henderson — Cvm Dumpster Bri

Brianne Henderson — Cvm Dumpster Bri. I was talking to this pice of work for almost a year with quite a few trips to quesnel to meet her, last trip was about 2 weeks ago. She would come to my hotel room but said her mom doesnt like people at her place wich was understandable. I have some friends in quesnel so went to hang out with them this time as I had planned to be in town for more than 2 days we had some drinks and after telling them WHY I was in town they informed me i was dooped! I come to find out she is living with her boyfriend of almost 2 years and shes always cheating on him while hes off at work. I met her on her only fans website started talking after a live and we started getting close and I started sending her money for things. I know, stupid of me but she really had me believing she was looking for a relationship and was ready to come up north to be with me. Be careful of this one shes very manipulative and apparently a massive whore around quesnel.

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