Mika Rodin — Daddy’s Girl

Mika Rodin — Daddy’s Girl. Mika Rodin is probably the biggest liar I have ever met. I met her on her favourite dating site Tinder. We hit it off and moved in together. She’s addicted to all sorts of pills, alcohol and is the heaviest pot smoker I’ve ever met. She played me like a fiddle and she’s very good at what she does. She left her husband behind with two young daughters because she incapable of caring for them herself because of the drugs and alcohol and she needs the time to fuck every guy she can. After she left her husband she immediately started fuking guy after guy and she lives huge c0ck. She will invite a guy over just because he has a huge horse c0ck. Hey guys if you see her on tinder and you have a horse c0ck she’s a guaranteed lay, fuck her then kick her to the curb where she belong she. She cheated on me and told every lie in the book that woman tell just so I wouldt leave and stop giving her money. She used her daughter to open up my heart to her so I would trust her all just to get more money from me. Her father is a multimillionaire who owns several restaurants in Winnipeg and he has paid for everything she’s ever wanted, her university tuition, her house, car etc… there is no difference between her and a drug addicted whore except maybe a whore is more honest. She layed it on thick with the I love you so much routine and how she wanted to keep me for ever. Meanwhile she’s rushing me out the door first thing In the morning. Talking with her friend about guys right in front of my face. I checked tinder and sure enough there she is still with an active profile. These rich b1tches would never post an ad on a real floozy site because they think that’s not what they really are. Of course she accused me of doing the same thing which was a total lie I was committed to her love and I never cheated on her at all. She truly a disgusting person. Don’t make the same terrible mistake I did. Use her for the mattress she is for free and forget about her. Bring her some weed as incentive. She may look good in her pics but trust me her body is ugly full of scars and flabby. Her face looks old and her hair is as fake as it gets. She’s just an overpriced whore.

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