Alysha Steman — The Next Fuk

So this piece of work is Alysha! We all know her, well this time she has stolen my friends DEAD GREAT GRANDMOTHERS RING, its a small gold band but she also stole my friends baby pictures, his great grandmas ring, and whole bunch of other sh1t. She is banned from many houses an my own for trying to kidnap my baby who is less than 5 weeks old, and stole half my wardrobe of clothing! Shes got a kid she doesnt see, she hops from guy to guy when she cant use him for a ride or anything she wants such as her fake nails and her hair dying stuff. Need I add that she ruined my best frienda relationship with her husband because she thought her an him were gunna be a thing, not only that! She even kissed the guy! What kinda slut homewreaker do you think you are Alysha Steman? You think just because your vagina looks like a blown out rotten taco that you can fuk every guy in Calgary an NOT get blasted? You’re one sad piece of sh1t. I know the truth of you and my best friends husband, he asked for help and you took that as a good idea to plant a kiss on him? Wtf kinda shit were you on thinking someone as nice as him would want a tooth pick meth head for a girlfriend when hes married! Stay tf in yo lane honey before we find you, break your legs and make you walk home with those legs. Just because you got a new man doesnt mean your past wont fuk you in the a55. Thats called Karma, and you dont get enough of it, if I see you, so much as breathing in my friends direction or her husband’s Ill let her know and we will find you. Make no mistake about that. Watch your back b1tch. Theres alot of people that dont like your whore a55, and plenty would pay to have you killed. So, fuk off and never return. If you know whats good for you. Fuck yo rank a55 bf too he a whore too since hes with you.

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