Matt – The cheating Alaska Airlines Pilot

Matt – The cheating Alaska Airlines Pilot. This man takes great joy in getting sex from women, using them, lying to them, and dumping them to the side when he’s done. He will make posts on Whisper such as “horny single airline pilot. Ask me anything” when he’s not single. I can guarantee you he’s out fucking about five other women. He goes by “Cashed_smart” on Whisper. He will message you if you’re interested, pretend he’s interested in you romantically, tell you everything you want to hear just so he can get in your pants, and then once he’s done with you he will leave for days at a time to go get more attention from women in other places, lying about being single.
Once he gets found out and called out for his shitty actions, he will ignore you, then block you and forget about you like you were nothing. All he ever wants is sex, trust and believe this man is not genuine.

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