Sydney Besemer — Syd The Pig

Sydney Besemer — Syd The Pig. Check out the picture looks wise she has had better days but just loves staying up for days shooting & smoking Pepsi. Highly addicted to Fentanyl and Benzos she will do anything to get it. A wolf in sheep’s clothing wait floozy in teens clothing she once said it’s not floozy if the guy is just giving me dope to bang. This girl was raised half her life by her Pepsi addicted bi-polar mother named Dorothy Wilson. Not a friend to her name this woman will chew you up and spit you out after taking everything you own. Like mother like daughter Sydney cares only for material belongings and has a lieing problem so bad that if pathological registered on the richter scale it’s maxing out at 10. Everything from what she does to what she ate for dinner is a lie. Caught red handed doing the only thing she knows – blowing a dude she denied it till being told she’s perfect for thedirty obviously from this post she is not a very good lier lol Beware you want play from this girl don’t be bringing her home! her mother’s house is packed with the belongings of everyone she comes across its the family business so due yourself a favor – get blown in an alley or under a bridge where she belongs.

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