Lighthouse Treatment Center, Glen Williams ABUSE INVESTIGATION

Glen Williams from the Anaheim, California area has been harassing people online under the net handle “Glenster”. He primarily focuses on the battlecam platform, but often goes to facebook, instagram, tinychat, and others.I went to seek treetment at Lighthouse Treatment Center in California. I was picked up by someone who identified themselves as Glen Williams to take me to the facility. During the car ride, he continued to make prolonged eye contact with me and made several attempts to grab my inner thigh. I immediately reported his supervisor. The company completely ignored my complaint and called me a “druggy” and “trash of the community. I filed a police report with the Orange County Sheriffs Office. There is an active case against Glen Williams for sexual misconduct and other sex related crimes. If anyone else has become victim of Glen Williams please contact the Orange County Sheriffs Office and reference case number A20-15333548
Glen Williams
Employer: Lighthouse Treatment

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