Katy Lemons Pruitt – Duncan, OK

Katy Lemons Pruitt – Duncan OK.Katy Pruitt, aka Katy Lemons, has had an ongoing sexual affair with countless men. Married men, men in long term relationships. You name it, she’s done it. Her favorite sites are Ashley Madison and POF. She never posts pictures and claims she lives in Chickasha.
Not only did I catch Katy in my house, I found her nasty stains on my sheets. I had to deal with this slut for a year before she finally moved on to another. This is apparently a game to her and she hooks up with multiple men as long as they supply her with cash, beer and cigarettes. Katy will use the saved screenshots from her conversations with men as blackmail. She’ll send nudes and videos of herself masterbating as long as you cashapp her. She is the worst kind of woman, bringing random men into her home with her children present. She likes to brag about her black 2008 Toyota Tacoma and how it has an aftermarket bumper and rims. How she will only shop at the buckle, yet she works at the Dollar Tree in Duncan. When she’s texting her multiple men from her dating apps, she uses a texting app because she doesn’t want her phone number public. (580)470-6912. She ruined her own marriage by cheating and now she has made it a game to ruin others. Katy has been caught on oil leases having sex with men. She sneaks men into her home so her ex husband doesn’t know she has men staying over with her kids there. She has no life other than talking to guys on the internet, sleeping with men who don’t even know her or that she has a disease. She just sits in her garage drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and texting her next victim. Katy is a moralless slut and doesn’t deserve her children. Beware before you allow this disgusting whore into your life.
CashApp $lemons067
Snapchat katylemons
Dating apps username lemons067

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