Lesley Ackland Ottawas Scamming Deadbeat

Lesley Ackland Ottawas Scamming Deadbeat. Ok i got a good one for you Nik. This is Lesley ackland . This girl was disowned by her family at a young age because all she wanted was sex and drugs. Only place for her was a group home so thats where she went until she rebelled and got kicked out of there too . Shes would always be hanging out on rideau street willing sucking off any guy who gives her attention or drugs. Ive seen her with men up to 40 and 50 years old!!! Yacckkk !! Fast forward to when shes 17 or 18 has her first baby with a guy she met downtown . Loses that baby to cas, completely abandons him not even trying to get him back . Then starts cheating on her babydads with his best friend brendan. Now here we are in 2020 . Lesley has completely forgot about her first born to have another baby with brendan while living in his parents basement and living off the his parents , the government, and the people she steals from on facebook groups . Shes admitted to letting brendan do shrooms in front of and around their daughter and to putting booze on their kids soother to get her to sleep. Lesley admins a group on facebook just to use people and take advantage of them . Beware of this scam artist hoe bag deadbeat. Ladies hide your men from this meth face junkie she will sleep with anyonee trust me ive seen what shes been with!!! Moral of the story this girl will never change. Ive known her since she was a kid and she just keeps getting worse ! Her mom should have swallowed and it would have saved the world so many issues Rant over

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