Jade Naraine or Jade Thelwell

Jade Naraine or Jade Thelwell. Jade Naraine or Jade Thelwell : ugly black prostitute who stalk and harass men who reject her ugly self! Jade Naraine is an ugly black prostitute from Toronto who spends her sad pathetic life stalking and harassing mens who have zero interest in her disgusting self and ugly acne pizza face !
Who would want an ugly monkey looking slut like Jade Naraine ( real name JadeThelwell / Jade Elizabeth Thelwell ) ??
Since more than 5 years, ugly black hooker Jade Naraine has been stalking, harassing and defaming on various websites plenty of mens who only met her once or twice in their life through dating apps. They were simply disgusted by her boring personnality and her ugly acne face , who can blame these guys ?
Jade Naraine decided to “get revenge” on these guys after being rejected and is posting non stop lies about them.
Jade Naraine is a nasty ugly black prostitute with STDs who sells sex on ” Seekingarrangements “

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