Ryan Devos — It’s About Time This Junkie Got His Comeuppance

Hey Nick, you’ve heard the term karma is a b1tch. Well this loser piece of sh1t junkie finally got his. This scvm bag low life has been ripping people off and assaulting people for the last 20+ years! When I heard he overdosed on hero1n I smiled and did a little dance! This piece of trash deserves to be tossed in a ditch and left to rot. Mr tough guy ain’t so tough anymore, got a little too c0cky with the pointy end of a needle! I know I speak for a good portion of Chatham and surrounding area when I say good riddance to this loser. Here’s an idea tho, let’s start a good fund me page! Not for a funeral this piece of crap doesn’t deserve, but for all the people he has ripped off and harmed in his sad pathetic junkie life. I for one am glad to see this guy dead, I’ll get in the very long line of people to p1ss on his grave. Anyone who thought this guy was solid or a ‘bro” can go fuk themselves too!

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