Natasha Alexander — Lock Up Your Boyfriends!

Natasha Alexander — Lock Up Your Boyfriends!. Hey dirty army this little cvm dumpster is Natasha Alexander. She’s from Wallaceburg and ladies if you have a man stay far far away from this b1tch. She will act like she’s your friend and listen to you vent about your problems and then when you trust her she will go behind your back and start sleeping with your boyfriend. Then when she gets caught she will try and make excuses as to why she did it and when that doesn’t work she’ll somehow try and make it your fault. Then she will apologize and tell you how sorry she is just so she can get her foot back in the door. Then she’ll fuk him again. If he’s not single she don’t want him. She’s also a meth head. Try’s to play it off like she’s not but everyone knows. She likes to throw shade around talking sh1t about women who lost their kids because of drama she started yet she thinks that no one will take her daughter because she claims she called CAS on herself and tricked them into thinking she doesn’t so drugs or have 4-5 different guys coming in and out of her house. She’s a home wrecker and she’s dirty as fuk. Her crotch smells, like it’s so bad you can smell her when she stands near you. Watch out dirty army she’s a stalker too.

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