Jenn Crawford — Supporting The Low Lifes.

Jenn Crawford Supporting The Low Lifes.This chick gets with low life of Sarnia. She owns a business to support the losers of the city. She is selling her beautiful home to support her new man because he is not a real man and can’t even support his own kids. She is not allowed to talk to men anymore and constantly fights with her new man due to the true “rumors” floating around about her. She fights in front of their new friends and everyone knows how unhappy they are. Their kids hate each other and his kids never want to go to visit because she is rude and nobody is as good as her kids. Needing to upkeep her image and keeping her friends close is more important than the fake relationship she has established. Fortunately the sale of her house can support a few more of her “girlfriend” trips as her new man can’t cross the border due to abuse charges. And the pregnancy rumors are true which make her sad because she realizes how stuck she is in her new relationship. There are options Jenn….

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