Destiny Bryden — Dirty Sloor Of A Girlfriend

Destiny can’t do anything right! Her boyfriend of three years after two weeks of being with him she broke up with him (or a break) to go fuk his best friend in the BDHS football field! Then got with someone else and fuk his two bestfriend and then is now screwing everyone else in the town if Blenheim while she’s dating some other curly haired dude, she can’t even keep the easiest jobs ever! She was a baker a sobeys and got fired for giving booze to a 17 year old while on the job then she worked a Venus demilo and got fired for being just plain dumb, THEEEN got fired from Tim Hortons because she didn’t know how to fill a doughnut! What out for her guys sell take all your money Fuk your bestfriends and then dip! Not to mention she don’t use protection the plan B was her favourite pill.

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