Leanne Alexandrea Aubin — Loser Leanne The Bum Mom

This girl here is the biggggest bum mom I’ve ever met flops on her kid all the time to go out drinking and suking d1ck in the bathrooms for blow. Welfare case doesn’t have a job and if she does its not for very long. She smells like B.O when you’re around her. She lies to everyone even her so called “best friends”. She’s even slept with her girls man’s and they DONT EVEN KNOW! watch out around this one shell do anything for some attentionm. She think she’s funny but she’s really just stale and unoriginal. She is also ugly as fuk and RUDE. honestly just brings nothing to the table. Stay away from this floppy tittied squishes them for pics monster. Shell try to ruin ur life and fuk your husband/boyfriend’s. Men she will call the cops on you in two seconds and say you hit her while she stands there and hits herself be careful.

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