Christie Tavalin — Nashvilles Tweeking Nanny

Christie TAVALIN The tweaking nanny.. yes this woman 50+ years old likes to do meth and take care of children , along with helping other junkies like her STEAL from Innocent MEN this methed out clown roams around meeting.. so far this year Christie who works in German town in Nashville has took part in stealing cars, a generator jewelry cash Drugs and is associated with some of Nashville’s worst methheads , prone to hang banging multiple men for her meth, Christie tavalin has no problem outright stealing anything she can get her junkie hands on .. so if anyone is looking for a Nanny on Meth call this clown .. or anyone looking for a gang bang girl (Christie used to work for the local Swing time bars) and bases her respectability on the number of men she can hang bang at the same time .. A thieveing junkie Christie Tavalin .. Nashville’s tweaking Nanny.. unfortunately it’s Illigal for Methheads to use around children . But Christie tavslin will do that everyday , risking children’s welfare on a daily basis.. a true loser Christie tavalin.. scumbag tweeking gang bang ho… methed out nanny…

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