Cody Kulak Dirt Bag

Cody kulak has no respect for women no respect for guys he’ll bang and hit on any guys girlfriend anything that moves he is fucked he’ll pay for sex all the time even Office‘s friends girlfriends money to have sex with them behind his friends back I’ve also experience that when I was with him he fuked his ex-girlfriend while I was sleeping Cody will not ask he’ll fuck a girl while she’s sleeping and that is rape if they don’t consent that is rape they say no that is rape he has no issues when he’s drunk and fuked up on pepsi all he wants to do is fuk and he doesn’t care how he gets until his greg gets wet. I had him once tell me that while I was with a guy he can still try and hit on me and get in my pants because there’s no ring on my finger that has no respect all he cares about is fuking sex drinking and pepsi

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