Toni Nicole — Conceited, Arrogant And Heartless With A Lousy Attitude.

Look who’s selling their a55, Toni Nicole…or should we say… “Mellissa”??. I guess the photography biz ain’t going so well ha ha. Between the blow sniffing and lying about how her ex Hung repeatedly raped and abused her, comes more bullshite stories about how other men raped and abused her. I feel sorry for her 3 daughters. Thankfully her ex husband Hung is STABLE and loves his daughters. Can’t say that about their low class hooking mother though, nope! She’s too busy spreading her legs and putting those nostrils to work. Guys, put your wallets away; y’all need to stop paying her and realize she will put out for free. After all, she IS known as the “go to” girl who loves a good raw dogging and a good fisting. And unless you’re into obesity, quit while you’re ahead. She’s gone big boys…escort name should be “Shamu”. So don’t be fooled by her heavily edited photographs on escort sites.

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