Justin Bakich – Beware! FRAUD

Justin Bakich tells people that he played football for UGA. Little do people know, he didn’t even graduate from that university because of several DUI’s. His back is full of acne due to steroids. He wears a hat 24/7 because he is now bald. He has been to jail over 9 times. Some cases were dismissed but this is 100% factual. He has been engaged twice and has slept with over 200 women in the Charlotte area. From girls who are 17- 45 years old. He drives a Range Rover that he leases but does not have furniture inside the townhome he lives in. This man is a sales guy and has worked as a sales representative for over 14 years for multiple companies. His longest job was at red ventures. All the other companies fired him. He is a professional bullshitter and scam artist when it comes to women. Please do not let his sense of humor fool you! He is a total womanizer and pathological liar.

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